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Fuse Funding is the largest and most innovative private lender operation for investment mortgages in South Florida. part of our mission is to allow accredited investors to invest in a private fund backed by a first-priority mortgage on real estate in South Florida. We have endeavored to make our process clear and transparent, relatively simple and hassle-free.

All of our investments are subject to strict due diligence review by our team of underwriters. And because our is free from the traditional bureaucratic restraints, our investments should result in better returns for our investors.

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  • How do you work with your investors?

    Fuse Funding is a closed end 506(b) fund. Once we form a fund to which accredited investors can commit, we get to work to place those funds in the mark Read More

  • Who can invest with Fuse Funding?

    Only individuals and companies considered accredited investors may invest with Fuse Funding. You can read more here about accredited investors. Read More

  • Why do you have a cooling off period?

    New digital ventures have made investing easier than ever before. This is especially true for experienced and sophisticated investors, who can now diversi Read More

  • SEC Rules and the Cooling Off Period

    The Securities Act of 1933 requires that every offer and sale of a security (passive ownership interest in a company) be registered with the SEC unless an exemption from Read More

  • How to get more information about investing with you?

    To learn about investing with Fuse Funding, click here [goes to invest with us] or contact

Our advisory board

  • Ofer Tamir

  • John G. Primeau

  • Michael Budwick, Esq.

  • Maria Tude

  • Ryan Poliakoff, Esq.

  • Greg Matus